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Article: How to clean Nike Shoes

How to clean Nike Shoes

How to clean Nike Shoes

How to clean Nike Shoes - One of the most stylish and cool shoes today is a pair of Nike. Now we all know that Nike cost a good amount of our bucks. Therefore, it is important that we take good care of them. Plus, a shoe lover takes care of his shoes at all times. However, it can be a pesky task to get the stubborn stains and dirt off of them sometimes. We are here to talk about How to clean Nike Shoes.

 Nike does not recommend you to wash them in a washing Machine, and it is quite understandable as to why they don’t recommend it. But what is the right way to clean your Nike Sneakers? The answer is simple- Invest in a good Shoe Cleaner.

SHOEGR | Best way to Clean Nike Shoes

SHOEGR has emerged as one of the most loved Shoe Cleaning Companies in India. We are known for the effectiveness of our products and their top quality.

SHOEGR Ultimate Shoe Cleaning Kit

We have designed this Shoe Cleaning Kit after intense research and development. We can guarantee you that our products are definitely going to reap you good results in cleaning your shoes. This is our premium product and easy to use.

  • SHOEGR Shoe Cleaning Solution
  • SHOEGR Shoe Cleaning Brushes
  1.  Soft Brush
  2.  Medium Brush
  3.  Hard Brush
  • SHOEGR Microfiber Towel

The Ultimate Shoe Cleaning Kit is a sustainable kit that comprises environmentally friendly products to promote sustainability. Our product also encourages our customers to use and promote eco-friendly products.

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We have observed that shoes can be delicate and cleaning them using conventional ways can be a difficult task. So, we have brought for you SHOEGR SUEDE Kit that helps to remove stains without getting them wet. The SUEDE Kit contains the following –

  • SUEDE Cleaning Brush
  • SUEDE Eraser

The SUEDE Kit is a go to cleaning kit that helps to clean your shoes without any hassle. It is to keep in mind that you should not use water or any kind of liquid. The SUEDE Kit is a dry cleaner and can be restored for future use.

How to clean Nike Shoes with SHOEGR Shoe Cleaning Kit?

Here is how you can get the best results while cleaning your shoes with our SHOEGR Shoe Cleaning products. Your shoes will definitely look as good as when you bought them.

Step 1

Firstly, you have to remove your laces and put a shoe tree, or a newspaper/Cloth inside to help it maintain its shape while you clean it. It also avoids any wrinkles caused by bending of the shoe material while you are cleaning it.

Step 2

Now, put 3 gentle pumps of the SHOEGR Cleaning Solution into 250ml of water. This creates the ultimate elixir for cleaning your shoes.

Step 3

Take the Soft Brush and dip it in the cleaning elixir. Brush the upper of your leather shoes in a circular motion.

Step 4

Now take the microfiber cloth to gently wipe off the upper.

Step 5

To clean the midsoles, take the medium brush and dip it into the elixir and gently brush off the dirt. Wipe off with the microfiber brush.

Step 6

For the bottom of your shoe, use a hard brush and dip it into the SHOEGR Elixir. Now work it into the shoe to break the dirt in a circular motion.

Step 7

Now dip the shoelaces and dip them into the left solution. Scrub them together gently with your hands and squeeze the excess water out of them.

Step 8

Air-dry your pair of Nike shoes and voila you have a brand new pair or at least people might think so!


These are the important steps you need to follow to get your shoes in the best state since you bought them. The shoe you clean will be as good as new. Try the SHOEGR Ultimate Cleaning Kit and SHOEGR SUEDE Kit now and get the best results ever. Try it for yourself and explore the latest and modern techniques to clean your shoes and get amazing results. Dirty Shoes? Be worry-free with SHOEGR Ultimate Shoe-Cleaning Kit and SUEDE Kit.

Frequently Asked Questions about How to clean Nike Shoes

How often should I wash my Nike shoes?

It really depends upon the frequency of usage of the shoes. Make sure you provide regular care to your Nike Shoes as they are more prone to getting dirty and get creases. Check out shoe care products at SHOEGR.

Is it Possible to Wash Shoes in a Washing Machine?

Shoes should not be washed in a laundry machine, according to Nike. The best method to guarantee shoes won't be unintentionally damaged during the process is to hand wash them properly. The heat from the drier can deform a pair of shoes, and delicate shoe materials can be harmed in the washer. Additionally, washing large items like sneakers in your washing machine runs the risk of causing harm.

How Should My Insoles Be Cleaned to Cut Down on Shoe Odor?

You might need to sanitize your insoles occasionally. Use the same cleaning techniques for the inside of your sneakers as you would for the outside to accomplish this. Before placing them back in your shoes, make sure they are entirely air dried. You might want to change the insoles if the smell continues. There are many sports and sneaker stores that sell replacement insoles.


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