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Article: Why Do I Need Different Brushes for Cleaning My Sneakers?

Shoe Cleaning Brushes

Why Do I Need Different Brushes for Cleaning My Sneakers?

Why Do I Need Different Brushes for Cleaning My Sneakers? - It’s Saturday night and you’re dressed in your favourite OOTN for the hottest party in town. But hold on, what’s that? Your dirty sneakers don’t pass the vibe check, and for good reason.

Frequently wearing your favourite sneakers can take away their freshness and shine. But what if we told you that you can keep your kicks looking like they did on your first wear? SUS, right? We’re letting you in on a little secret — Understanding the role of the three main types of shoe cleaning brushes will go a long way in helping you add to their presentability.

Your SHOEGR Kit Has it All!

Different parts of your shoe need different care, and the premium SHOEGR shoe brushes help you provide them with exactly that. Whether it’s the delicate Upper and Toe Cap of your favourite Air Jordans, or the dirty midsole of your Onitsuka Tigers, we’ve got shoe brushes that clean it all! Not just sneakers, our range of shoe brushes can effectively clean Nubuck, Canvas, Knit, Multi-Material, Boots, Trainers & Sports Shoes effectively without leaving a trace. 

While our solution is the star of the SHOEGR Kit, the brushes play an equally vital role in the shoe cleaning process. So, here’s a breakdown of the 3 brushes you get with your SHOEGR Kit:

Soft Brush – To Remove Surface Dust

The premium SHOEGR Soft Brush is designed to gently clean the Upper of your shoes. Its soft bristles help remove even the finest of dirt traces that settle on the surface of the shoes. Dip it in the SHOEGR solution and let it work its magic to give your sneakers a major glow up!

Use small, circular movements on the Toe Cap, Upper and Tongue of the shoe to get rid of small stains. Not just this, but you can also use the Soft Brush to clean your shoelaces by giving them a gentle rub. The Soft Brush is the OG when it comes to giving your shoes a quick clean before heading out for a couple of drinks (sure, just a couple of drinks! *wink*).

Medium Brush – To Remove Tough Stains

The SHOEGR Medium Brush takes care of the midsoles of your shoes, which can often get neglected when you’re in a hurry. From the finest dirt stains to a stubborn mud splash, the fine bristles of the Medium Brush miss nothing.

It comes with short and non-abrasive bristles to revive your midsoles and give your kicks a complete makeover. 

Hard Brush – For the Stubborn Stains

You didn’t think we’d miss the Bottom sole, did you? Even though the bottom sole is not really visible as you go through your day, cleaning it is essential if you want to improve the lifespan of your shoes. 

The hard bristles of the SHOEGR Hard Brush will make the tough job of cleaning the dirtiest part of your shoe much easier. It is designed to deep clean the soul of your shoes without damaging the look of your favourite sneakers in any way. So get going and get rid of those stubborn wear and tear marks, made quicker and easier with the Hard Brush.

Now that we’ve let you in on our little secret (OK, not much of a secret, we admit!) about the different brushes you need to clean your favourite shoes, we hope you pass the vibe check with your brand new shoes (WINK!). So go out and flex your favourite sneakers without worrying about spilling drinks on them, because we’ve got your back, fam.


Here is a cleaning video:


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