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Shoe Care Kit

shoegr ultimate shoe cleaning kit for sneakers shoes all types white suede canvas bestUltimate sneaker cleaning kit shoegr sports suede canvas heels shoes
Ultimate Shoe Cleaning Kit Sale priceRs. 1,249.00 Regular priceRs. 1,799.00
shoegr standard shoe cleaning kit for sneakers sports canvas with towel fast and easy cleaningdirty and clean shoe after cleaning with shoegr sneaker cleaning kit jordan
Standard Shoe Cleaning Kit Sale priceRs. 749.00 Regular priceRs. 1,199.00
Shoe cleaning kit for sneakers white sports canvas mesh suede best india affordableShoe cleaning kit for sneakers single brush and solution shampoo best result
Essential Shoe Cleaning Kit Sale priceRs. 599.00 Regular priceRs. 999.00
SHOEGR Dry Suede and Nubuck Care Kit with eraser and brush to clean shoes without waterSuede Eraser and Brush to keep nubuck and suedes best condition top quality India
Dry Suede Cleaning Kit Sale priceRs. 749.00 Regular priceRs. 999.00
shoegr shoe cleaning kit with wipes for all types of sneakers with mat and repellant combo bundleshoegr shoe cleaning kit with wipes for all types of sneakers with mat and repellant combo bundle
The Supreme Kit Sale priceRs. 2,999.00 Regular priceRs. 3,999.00
shoe cleaning wipes wipe solution sneakers brush box kit combo bundle shoegrultimate shoe cleaning kit sneaker cleaning wipes shoege best india affordable
The Ultimate Shoe Cleaning Combo Sale priceRs. 1,499.00 Regular priceRs. 2,299.00
shoegr shoe cleaning kit and sneaker wipes bundle combo with collapsible clean bowlshoegr shoe cleaning bundle with brush sneaker wipes bowl towel bundle
Standard Shoe Cleaning Bundle Sale priceRs. 1,249.00 Regular priceRs. 1,799.00

Make your shoe cleaning a breeze with Shoe Cleaning Kits 

Sneakers are not just footwear, they are a part of our personality. Each sneaker represents a certain mood, therefore, it becomes essential to keep shoes clean and cared for. To do so, you’d need a great shoe-cleaning kit. But this begs the question. 

What makes a good shoe-cleaning kit?

  • Firstly, unwavering love for sneakers and the desire to keep them clean.
  • Secondly, premium tools that are specially designed with shoes in mind.
  • Thirdly, the ease of use and efficiency.

These three aspects are what make a great shoe-cleaning kit. 

At SHOEGR, we understand each aspect, this is why SHOEGR provides a wide range of premium and easy-to-use cleaning kits. We offer 5 unique sneaker cleaning and care kits that are ideal for every type of shoe. 

  • SHOEGR Ultimate Shoe Cleaning Kit: This is the ultimate shoe cleaning experience. In this shoe care kit, you’ll find our natural Shoe Cleaning Solution, with 3 brushes, and a microfiber towel. It comes in the ideal shoe care box so that each tool is easy to access. 
  • SHOEGR Essential Shoe Cleaning Kit: Shoe care should not cost an arm and a leg, this is why we offer the fundamentals of shoe cleaning, i.e., SHOEGR Cleaning Solution and an All-purpose Brush, in this sneaker cleaning kit. 
  • SHOEGR Supreme Kit: Why not get everything at once for your beloved sneakers? Shoe cleaning doesn’t get better than this. SHOEGR Supreme Shoe Cleaning Kit includes everything you need for an ideal shoe cleaning experience.
  • SHOEGR Suede Kit: Unlock the easiest suede shoe cleaning with this Suede shoe cleaning kit, which includes SHOEGR Dry Suede Eraser and Suede Cleaning Brush. 
  • SHOEGR Instant Cleaning Kit: In a hurry? Simply, pump the Instant Foam and brush away the dirt, shoe cleaning doesn’t get faster than this. 

Give your shoes the care they deserve with SHOEGR 

FAQs Kits

1. Why do we need 3 different brushes?
Each brush has a different texture, i.e., Soft, Medium, and Hard. These help to clean different parts of the shoes. Soft Brush is designed for uppers and gentle cleaning, Medium Brush for midsoles, and tough Hard Brush is designed to tackle tough stains on the outsoles. 
2. How many pairs of shoes can I clean with one SHOEGR Cleaning Solution?
You can clean up to 50-60 pairs of shoes with one bottle of SHOEGR Cleaning Solution (100 ml). 
3. Where else can I use the SHOEGR Ultimate Kit other than shoes?
This is the beauty of this product. It can be used to clean numerous things from handbags and wallets to backpacks and caps. 
4. What materials can I clean with the Suede Kit?
SHOEGR Soft Brush can clean Suede, Mesh, Nylon, Polyester, Cotton, Leather, Nubuck, Canvas, Knitl, etc.

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