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Article: Shoe Care in Budget - SHOEGR Essential Shoe Cleaning Kit

Best shoe cleaning kit

Shoe Care in Budget - SHOEGR Essential Shoe Cleaning Kit

Shoe Care in Budget - SHOEGR Essential Shoe Cleaning Kit - Your beloved shoes are dirty but you keep on dragging the cleaning because you are not free and let’s be honest, who likes cleaning shoes? 

Finally, it is the long weekend, and you are not the type of person to back down from your word. You enter the digital market and you find amazing shoe-cleaning kits! 

But let’s be honest, we are not about to spend the same amount of money to clean our kicks that we spend on buying them. It just doesn’t sound fair! 

So, will you let your kicks be dirty? Yeah, exactly. Let us introduce you to the budget-friendly SHOEGR Essential Shoe Cleaning Kit

What it is you ask? 

A box full of chocolates 

Just kidding! It is the ideal (& sweet) solution to your dirty footwear problems. A solution (both, literally and figuratively) to get them looking fresh and clean. Moreover, it is designed using organic ingredients like coconut oil, jojoba oil, and natural oils. This means that it does not damage the material of your shoes because even if we call them kicks, they deserve gentle care. 

SHOEGR Essential Shoes Kit for cleaning comes with: 

  • A 100 ml cleaning solution 
  • One all-purpose brush 

Now, we know you must be thinking to yourself, “just 100ml, what is it, a cleaning kit for ants?”

But, you see fellow shoe enthusiasts, this product is specifically designed to clean up to 50-60 pairs of sneakers. So, you’ll be buying a new pair before you run out of this cleaning solution without shaking your budget. 

Some of you may even be thinking a forbidden thought, “why even bother with a cleaning kit? I will simply use a detergent”

To that we say, permission denied

How to Use SHOEGR Essential Kit For Cleaning Shoes?


Now, let’s focus on how to use this product. We are certain that you already know how but since this is a blog and we need more words, here it is:

how to use essential shoe cleaning kit

STEP 1: Begin by brushing off the loose dirt from your shoes using SHOEGR all-purpose brush

STEP 2: Mix 2 to 3 small squirts of SHOEGR cleaning solution with 200 to 250 ml of water
STEP 3: Dip SHOEGR all-purpose brush in the solution
STEP 4: Using a circular motion, clean the entire surface
STEP 5: Dab the entire shoe clean with a clean Microfibre Towel
Let it air dry completely and your kicks are as good as new
Are you a visual learner? Not to worry because we got you covered with this short video tutorial.

Materials(s) to use it on? 

SHOEGR Essential Kit is a versatile cleaning product that can be used on a wide range of materials. You can clean your leather, canvas, rubber, and vinyl kicks without having to worry about anything.

As for softer and delicate materials like suede and mesh, you can still use the SHOEGR cleaning solution; however, we recommend you use a Soft Brush for ideal and damage-free cleaning.

So, when are you making your shoe cleaning hassle-free with SHOEGR Essential Kit?



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