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Sneaker Cleaner

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Introducing the SHOEGR Sneaker Cleaner – your go-to solution for effortlessly maintaining the pristine look of your sneakers! Made from natural materials like coconut and jojoba oil this shoe cleaner liquid is specifically formulated to tackle dirt and grime, ensuring that your favourite shoes look brand new with SHOEGR Sneaker Cleaner Solution! It's tough on stains but super gentle on your shoes. The powerful formula of sneaker cleaner penetrates deep into the fabric, lifting away stubborn dirt without damaging the material. The experience, convenience and effectiveness of our premium shoe cleaning solution deliver exceptional results every time.

Transform the way you care for your shoes with SHOEGR Sneaker Cleaner Solution be it your for sports shoes, leather shoes, and sneakers. Each application not only removes surface dirt but also nourishes the materials, leaving your shoes looking and feeling rejuvenated. With its natural formulation, free from harsh chemicals, you can rest assured that your shoes are in good hands.

Take pride in your footwear and invest in its longevity with SHOEGR Sneaker Cleaner Solution.

Features of Sneaker Cleaner

What makes SHOEGR Shoe Cleaning Solution a testament to quality and care?

  • SHOEGR Sneaker cleaner is safe and easy on all types of shoes and materials like mesh, nylon, canvas, leather, rubber, cork, suede, nubuck, and many more.

  • This shoe cleaner liquid is harnessed with natural oil-based cleaning technology

  • Our sports shoe cleaner is a Proprietary biological formula that gives you a superior cleaning effect.

  • Our premium sneaker shoe cleaner is Made in India for Indian footwear needs.

  • Designed to effectively clean sports shoes, SHOEGR Shoe Cleaning Solution is an ideal sports shoe cleaner that removes sweat, dirt, and grime accumulated during workouts or outdoor activities, ensuring they look clean and maintain optimal performance.

Our Sneaker Shoe Cleaner is an essential addition to your shoe care routine. It's not just about cleaning; it's about preserving the appearance of your sneakers and making them look sharp and ready for any occasion. So, keep your sneakers looking their best with SHOEGR SNEAKER CLEANER because your shoes deserve the best care.

    sneaker cleaning solution shoe cleaner
    Sneaker Cleaner Sale priceRs. 399.00 Regular priceRs. 499.00

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 86 reviews

    Best cleaning solution i have ever used,

    Sheffali Bansal
    No. 1 Cleaner in the country

    I have used the kit of a different brand, but once solution got over, my friend suggested me to try shoegr. I must say, the results are better than previous cleaner, forever a customer now.

    Giriraj Singh
    not impressed

    Not worth it. Cleaned my canvas shoes but kuch khaas nahi hai

    Yashvi Sharma
    Effective product

    My shoes look like new. Very impressed

    Sarthak Kapoor
    Good cleaning experience

    Cleans the shoes very effortlessly.

    Sneaker Cleaning Solution

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