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Article: Detergent for Your Sneakers? Think Again

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Detergent for Your Sneakers? Think Again

Detergent for Your Sneakers? Think Again - So, you finally bought that pair of kicks you’ve been dreaming of. And you’re so excited that you plan all your outfits around those every day now. Then, arrived the dreaded moment when those babies gathered enough dirt and ketchup stains for you to be able to ignore any longer.

You know that you must wash them. But should you, really?

Detergent or no detergent? That is the question

Lucky for you, we’ve got all the answers right here.

First of all – not every material can be washed, but you already knew that. More importantly, however, detergents have a reputation anyway. They can be corrosive and harmful to cloth too, especially if they are powder detergents. It does not help that they can take away the glory of your precious sneakers by bleeding the colours.

Killer Detergents, Literally!

Certain chemicals in laundry detergents have glaring health risks including being carcinogenic. The fact that the manufacturers of the products aren’t required to reveal the exact components of their products only serves to complicate things further. Did you know that many of these stay behind in the material even after a thorough wash and rinse? These also have the rather disturbing capability of penetrating your skin especially when the material is wet or damp. That means you’re running health risks each time your feet sweat when walking about town.

If all of that wasn’t enough already, those chemicals in detergents find their way into the seas and oceans eventually. Unfortunately, they also decompose at a snail’s pace, which is especially toxic to marine life.

The One Thing You Should Never Do

The absolute worst thing that you can do to those greats is to put ‘em through the washing machine. You might as well dump ‘em in the trash…along with that toxic ex. A true sneakerhead knows that different types of sneakers need different care depending on the material that they are made of. One blunder that you need to avoid at all costs (literally, at all costs) is putting your shoes in a washing machine. 

But you read on Quora that washing machines are cool

Although there are multiple sources online that claim to share the ‘right’ way to wash your shoes in the washing machine, you can rest assured that there can be no right way to do the wrong thing. So, if you’ve found yourself watching one of those YouTube videos or reading such a blog, put on your Ultra Boosts and run away as fast as you can, because that’s a recipe for disaster. 

Even as per Nike’s official website, “most runners prefer to wash their shoes by hand

What’s the worst that could happen if you do throw your sneakers in the washing machine anyway? 

  • Your sneaks could shrink and they literally won’t be your fit anymore
  • The kicks could become warped and lose the shape that you lost your heart to
  • The fabric might just rip off, so you won’t really have anything to wear
  • Water would spot and stain the shoes, spoiling that gorgeous appearance forever
  • Stitching of the shoes and the soles might come undone, so what’s even the point!
  • The colours are likely to bleed – end of story right there!
  • And if you still don’t love your kicks enough- your precious washing machine might get harmed too

So that leaves us with the glaring question – what in God’s name should you actually do?

SHOEGR – Your Sneakers’ New Best Friend

Fear not, SHOEGR is here to rescue your kicks from doom. Be it leather, suede, nubuck or your favourite vinyl sneakers, all of them need the sort of care that goes beyond a harsh, loveless detergent-in-machine wash. A little TLC will go a long way in preserving your favourite shoes, and the Ultimate SHOEGR Kit does just that. Our solution is made of all-natural products and is guaranteed to leave your sneaks squeaky clean, no matter what they are made of.

Ultimate SHOEGR Kit: ultimate cleaning solution for all sneakers 

Problem solved. You’re welcome!


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