Best Shoe Cleaners For Jordans

Best Shoe Cleaners For Jordans

Best Shoe Cleaners For Jordans - Jordans are one of the most famous shoes out there, and every sneaker-head dreams about owning at least a pair of it. The sleek design, unique shape, and the unique logo of Michael Jordan jumping have attracted millions and it has become a status symbol at this point.  In addition to being so famous all over the world, they are also long-lasting, comfortable, and stylish. But to maintain these qualities, you will first have to invest in some excellent quality shoe cleaners. Hence, here we have brought you a list of top shoe cleaners for Jordans.

List of Top Shoe Cleaners For Jordans 2023 

Any person who is even a little interested in sneakers knows how expensive Nike Jordans are. And expensive things need to be taken care of. If you are already looking for shoe cleaners of top notch quality, then look no further! Scroll down below to check out some of the best shoe cleaners for Jordan in India.

1. SHOEGR - Best Shoe Cleaner For Jordans

Kicking it off with the best Shoe Cleaner, SHOEGR is one of the best Shoe Cleaning Brand for your Jordans. So what makes SHOEGR so effective for your Jordans? The answer is everything from their cleaning solution, three types of cleaning brushes that are specially designed for cleaning different parts of your kicks, and the microfiber cloth that leaves your shoes looking brand new without damaging it.

For delicate fabrics like suede, leather, or mesh, use the soft brush. Then, use the medium-sized brush to thoroughly clean the upper or those troublesome rubber midsole stains. Finally, use the hard brush to thoroughly clean the outsole of your Jordan shoes. Mix 3 pumps of SHOEGR Cleaning Solution in a bowl of water to make the elixir that works on every Jordan out there.

To learn more about How to clean your Jordans with the SHOEGR Cleaning Kit, visit our website.

SHOEGR offers a variety of Shoe Cleaning Kits that you can check out on our website.


RESHOEVN8R is also quite effective when it comes to cleaning your shoes. Known for their powerful cleaning solution and different brushes to help clean your shoes thoroughly, their products are effective for getting your shoes cleaned properly.

3. Crep Protect

If you are someone as clumsy as me, and can’t help getting your kicks dirty, this product is useful to protect your shoes. Crep Protect is very efficient if you need to have a shoe cleaning product on the go. Put it in your bag and carry it with you wherever you go.

4. Jason Markk Shoe Cleaning Kit

The eco-friendly cleaner by Jason Markk is 98.3% natural and 100% biodegradable, yet it still does the job and does it quite well. Although it is more expensive, a 4-ounce bottle will clean up to 100 pairs of shoes and you won't need much of it. It also includes a hog-bristle cleaning brush that is gentle enough to use on leather, suede, nylon, and cotton mesh, among other textiles.

5. Pink Miracle Shoe Cleaner

It has been a trusted Shoe Cleaner since 1989. Simply dampen the brush that is included with the concentrated cleanser before applying a tiny amount and beginning to scrub. After you're done, use a cloth to remove any extra soap or water, then step back and see how beautifully your shoes now shine. You shouldn't be concerned about the pink color either because it is safe for all colors and won't stain white shoes.


At last, buying fancy & expensive shoes is all fun & games until you take them outside in dirt and pollution. Therefore, spending some bucks on good quality shoe cleaners might be the only solution to keep them fresh & new. Aforementioned are the most suitable shoe cleaners for your precious kicks.

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Shoe Cleaners For Jordans

Q1: What is the best way to clean Jordan shoes?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best cleaning method depends on the type of material the Jordan shoes are made of and the type of stains they have. For example, suede Jordans should be cleaned differently than leather Jordans. A common and effective cleaner for both is the SHOEGR Cleaning Kit. It has the soft brush for the suede Jordons and medium and hard brush are used to clean the mid soles and undersoles of the shoes.

Q2: Is it okay to put Jordans in the washing machine?

It is not recommended to put Jordan shoes in the washing machine, as this can cause damage to the shoes or cause them to fall apart. Additionally, the agitation from the washing machine can cause the shoes to become misshapen or lose their shape.

Q3: Can I use bleach to clean my Jordans?

Bleach should not be used to clean Jordan shoes, as it can cause discoloration and damage the material.

Q4: What is the best shoe cleaner for suede Jordans?

SHOEGR has a soft brush made of 100% natural material to clean soft shoe fabrics like suede. These cleaners are specifically designed to clean and protect suede materials and will not damage the shoes.

It's always best to check the care instructions that came with the shoes and to test any cleaning product on a small, inconspicuous area before using it on the entire shoe to ensure that it does not cause any damage.

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