Why is shoe hygiene neglected in India

Why is shoe hygiene neglected in India

Why is shoe hygiene neglected in India - Are You Also Guilty of Neglecting Your Shoe Hygiene? , Just raise your hand (Shhh… we won’t tell anyone). Well, you see, hygiene is an integral part of our lives, and ensuring optimal cleanliness is vital. And it is safe to say that clothes are also a part of self-hygiene.

Because we always feel energized and fresh in a new set of clothes. Basically, our confidence skyrockets just like stocks when Elon talks about them. Come to think of it, this may be the reason why we put so much effort into keeping our clothes clean. Also, have you noticed that we always wash our clothes with the best possible detergent? It’s not like clothes will respect our efforts.

And we always fold them when taking them off, and even iron them consistently to ensure they are kept in good condition. However, when it comes to shoe hygiene, the love and care are instantly gone.  

In fact, the only time shoes ever get any attention is right before we have to attend a wedding or a party. However, if you drop chutney on them (shout out to 3 Idiots), at most, shoes will receive a weak wipe with a napkin.

Why Do You Avoid Shoe Hygiene?

If you recall as school kids, we used to polish our school shoes every day just to avoid getting punished. So what changed in adulthood, despite our shoes becoming 10x more expensive? (Yes, we know you’re too busy to keep your shoes clean but come on).

Let’s look into it

Lack of Awareness:

Many people are not aware of the importance of shoe hygiene and the potential risks it poses to our health (as well as to our style). It is essential to educate ourselves and others about the significance of maintaining clean and hygienic shoes. Moreover, people are sadly unaware that there are several easy-to-use shoe-cleaning products available just for this purpose. 

Against Traditions:

India is a nation lingering with deep-rooted traditions and cultures, and among them is removing your shoes outside of holy places and houses. This is perfectly fine in itself; however, for most people, this action is enough for them to not invest in shoe cleaning (btw shoe cleaning doesn’t have to be expensive, hint hint: SHOEGR Essential Kit). Because why would you want to keep on cleaning your shoes if they will get dirty in like 5 minutes?


Geographically, India is the best with one of the best environmental conditions in the world. While these are ideal for us humans, they are less than optimal for our shoes. With rains, dust storms, and intense humidity, shoes easily get dirty. Leading people to not want to clean their shoes. But for that, SHOEGR Coat is an excellent option. 

Do you think there are more reasons why we neglect shoe hygiene or is it something to do with the lack of negative consequences? That is up for debate. 

However, it is truly important that you should invest in shoe cleaning. 

Investing in good quality footwear can be a significant expense and neglecting shoe hygiene can shorten the lifespan of our favourite shoes. Dirt, grime, and moisture can damage the materials, causing them to deteriorate quickly. 

Therefore, by practicing proper shoe hygiene, including cleaning, drying, and storing shoes correctly, we can extend the life of our footwear, saving us money in the long run.


Well, now, when we sit down and ponder, we think it might have to do with us adults just being lazy. But thankfully, for us, our shoes are always clean cuz we got SHOEGR.

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