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Article: 5 Reasons Why Shoe Care is a Challenge in India

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5 Reasons Why Shoe Care is a Challenge in India

5 Reasons Why Shoe Care is a Challenge in India - We love our country, don’t we? From the most delectable and diverse range of cuisines to a vibrant culture and history, India is more than just a country. It is an experience. But living in India comes with its own set of challenges when it comes to caring for your beloved sneakers.

I stepped on cow dung and ruined my brand new Yeezy 450s

Indian sneakerheads have additional problems to deal with.  

You could be trying to protect your shoes all day long in the Indian streets, only to end up having them covered in cow dung that one moment you weren’t looking. The stuff of nightmares, we know, but don’t worry about a thing because your SHOEGR Kit is designed for shoes in the Indian environment.

 Here are some of the main reasons why shoe care is a unique challenge in the Indian setting.

The erratic Indian streets

If you’ve ever been in the streets of an Indian city, you know they’ve got a lot going on. You can encounter a construction project, potholes on the road, overflowing sewers and cow dung all in the span of a mile. There’s big crowds everywhere — public transport, on the road and in the markets. Try saving your shoes from being stepped on, we double dare you!

The dust is just… in the air!

Studies show that dust is the second largest air component in India (the first is still love). Unlike the developed countries, India does not have segregated industrial and residential complexes. And in cities where it does, they are not distant enough to keep the dust and dirt away from the city air. The never ending construction projects literally everywhere add to the problem (just regular developing country stuff).

Pollution – the root of all problems

Pollution is bad for the environment and your health. But here’s some bad news for sneakerheads – it can harm your kicks too. High levels of pollution can deteriorate the shine of your sneakers with time. Suspended Particulate Material in the air (such as dust, smoke, fumes and lead) can react negatively with the material of your shoes and make them age faster.

The excess humidity here can turn your shoes yellow

If you want your sneakers to live longer, you’ve got to avoid humidity like the plague. Some parts of the country are quite humid, which is not an ideal environment for preserving shoes. Humidity causes rubber midsoles to oxidize, turning them yellow. 

Pro Tip – Store your shoes in ziplock bags if you live in a humid environment to minimize damage.

Indian Rains 

Rains are your sneakers’ worst enemy, no cap. But what makes things  worse is the mud they live behind on Indian streets that are full of dust. This can deposit grime on the shoe surface. So you’re left to deal with stubborn little stains on your shoe’s midsole and bottom sole, that are very hard to remove (unless you’re using the SHOEGR solution, of course, *wink wink*).  

All these factors and more make shoe care a huge challenge in India. This is why we designed  the SHOEGR solution, specially for shoes in the Indian streets. Be it the bustling streets, daily pollution, or the stubborn rains, your SHOEGR Kit can deal with all this and then some more. Bring on the challenge, we’re game for it!


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